From blog reading:

  • From Simple School, 6 homeschooling misconceptions erased. I was especially encouraged by the discussion about children’s reading abilities. My son is a struggling reader, and homeshooling him helps him fall in love with reading instead of being embarrassed by his lack of skills. 
  • If you’ve been thinking about writing an ebook (and you really should be thinking about it!), this online course “From Idea to Ebook” (affiliate link) is for you! It’s ten weeks of information you’ll be able to access at anytime. I’m going to sign up and I hope you do too. 

July 2013 From Bible reading:

Since it’s our anniversary week and 1 John is on my current reading list, this verse from 1 John that Lee and I used on our wedding favors seems appropriate, “We love because he first loved us” (4:19).

From book reading:

“The child of God knows that the graced life calls him or her to live on a cold and windy mountain, not on the flattened plain or reasonable, middle-of-the road religion.” – The Ragamuffin Gospel

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