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  • From BuzzFeed, 50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired by Books. It’s interesting to see which books people love enough to honor them with forever ink. (Now, this is a post with tattoos. Click over with caution if you have kids near. Some people have to show some skin to show their tattoos.)
  • Veronica Roth revealed the cover for the third book in her Divergent series, entitled Allegiant. I enjoyed her chat with Ryan Seacrest and am excited about the book coming out this fall. You can see it on Amazon if you don’t want to listen to the interview (affiliate link).

“We get emails from authors every day who are confused, overwhelmed, fed up and tired of being jerked around on the Wild Wheel of Publishing Success. The complaints themselves really boil down to this one, simple truth: your writing career isn’t where you want it to be.

But, to me, the really interesting question is: Why?”


  • Happy Mother’s Day, Singles is an excellent post from Lore Ferguson. Even though I’m not single and will be celebrating Mother’s Day with two sweet boys, I feel a void since the son we are adopting isn’t home with us yet. Lore’s post reminded me during this time, my void is my gift. 

“Mother’s Day can feel painful for many of us, but I would like to argue the pain is present partially because we have not seen what God has given us to fill the void.”

  • I love Teri Lynne’s honesty on encouraging your teenager to abide in the Word in this post from Do Not Depart

“These years are not always easy.  It’s hard to let go of the control we’ve had in our children’s lives.  But the teenage years can be a wonderful experience and I have to admit, I LOVE it when my daughter comes to me to share what she’s read or learned all on her own.”

  • My friend and fellow special-needs mom Caroline wrote this week on encouraging pretend play, a skill that’s hard for kids with autism. I’m looking forward to incorporating her ideas into James’s therapy time next week.

Two posts I’m still processing . . . 

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