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Lots of good posts this week on writing, mentoring, biblical languages, caring for your military neighbor, and a recipe that would be great to snack on when writing, mentoring, learning biblical languages,  or to take to a neighbor.

“If you have a sweet concept, writing that sings, and a platform that helps you reach thousands of people, you won’t have to beg for a contract. It will come to you. In fact, publishers might very well fight each other to sign you.

That’s your goal.”

“The best way to avoid less-than-helpful feedback is to be specific about the kind of response we’re looking for. The kind of feedback we receive depends largely on the kind of feedback we request.”

“When we tell her to be an example, we may as well just hand her a mask right there – Here. Hide behind this. Don’t let them see you struggle.”

“This intimacy and love between the divine Father and his Son is as true as the existence of God himself, for it is his very nature. But it is simply not true that Jesus’ use of the word abba means something a small child would utter in reference to his father. It does not mean ‘daddy’ or ‘papa.'”

“If you find yourself living in the same neighborhood as a military family, maybe today is a good day to shower some extra love on them? Below are a few ideas that are never expected but always appreciated.

And really, these are good ways to love on any neighbor, military or civilian.”

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