It was a full but fun week around here! Lee was at a multi-ethnic church planting conference, David had a choir performance with his grade, I turned in a new and improved book proposal to my agent, and James had a sick day (we’re hoping it doesn’t become multiple sick days, especially since my sister is staying with us this weekend). Here’s what I read and enjoyed:

From Blogs:

  • Jen Wilkin has been writing and saying stuff recently that’s really resonating with me. There’s this post from The Gospel Coalition: 4 Portraits of Power from  Magazine Rack Near You. There’s tweets like this one: “Food for thought: If a local church lacks visible spiritual mothers, its daughters will (understandably) look elsewhere to find them.” And there’s this podcast with Aaron Armstrong in which she says the greatest gift The Village Church gave her was that they weren’t afraid of her (her episode was released 10/25/16).

From Books:

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I started The Nest but didn’t like it. Too much dysfunction and not enough likable characters. I’m slowly reading Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson and it’s so, so good.

From My Bible:

It was another week in the Psalms. I paused on 44:6 for a while because I tend toward self sufficiency:

“For not in my bow do I trust, nor can my sword save me.”

This is a great time of year to focus on self-care as we get close to the holidays. I wrote a series about it last year and we have a Facebook group that continues to encourage each other if you’d like to join us! Have a great weekend!

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