April 2013

Enjoying eggs with no cheese, grapefruit with no sugar, and plain water instead of tea with sugar and milk. Lee and I are starting the Whole 30 way of eating today. We don’t really want to lose weight, we just want to feel better, and we hope doing it together will help us stick to it!

Changing our lamppost light bulb to blue for Autism Awareness Day (today) and all month. It always an interesting writing month for me because there are lots of different angles to come from on autism. Today, I’m focusing on celebrating James’s accomplishments and growth. We went to his DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doc yesterday and he said James is making progress but he wants to keep going with biomedical treatments to see if we can get even more speech development. Of course, we want more too, but for today, I’m just focusing on how overwhelmingly thankful I am to hear “Good morning” when he wakes up and “I want Goldfish please,” even if he’s asking for the 21st time since breakfast and it’s only 8:30.

Listening to David playing with Legos in his room. Yesterday after James’s doctor appointment, we met friends for lunch and Lego shopping. Then we went down to DC hoping to see the cherry trees blooming. DC was extremely busy (Spring Break week for many apparently), but we still had fun.

Deciding what else we want to do this week, since James is out of school. He loves to go to Hershey Chocolate World, but that may be tough on my new eating plan.

Waiting for our referral call. Pretty sure we’re setting a record for the number of months we’ve been next. As of April 15th, we’ve been on the wait list for two years. That’s over a year longer than the wait was supposed to be when we started this process. He’s worth the wait, I know. But that doesn’t make it easier today.

Announcing that I’m a new writer for Not Alone Parents, a site for special needs parents! I’m so excited to join the team and serve the special needs community they are building. This week, we are giving away five copies of my book, Speechless: Finding God’s Grace in My Son’s Autism.

Happy April everyone! Praying for sunshine, blooming flowers, and no allergies for us all!

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