I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten … Joel 2:25

My friend Jolene wrote a piece recently about the guilt she carries about mistakes she feels like she made in the early days of parenting. I think we all carry guilt from things we did do or didn’t do for our kids. Right after James was diagnosed we were told we had to get him as much help as possible because the early years are so vital, and if he didn’t learn it then, he may never learn it. But you can only do so much, and no matter how much you do, it may feel like not enough.

That’s why I love the idea in this verse. You may look back on hard years and wish you had done more or circumstances had been different. But God was working even in those tough years to work out His plan. He redeems the days, months, or even years you may feel were wasted. Like Jesus multiplied the loaves of bread and fish to feed thousands, God will accomplish His goals even with our meager offering.

God, we know you compensate for our mistakes and weaknesses. You restore and bring abundance!

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