I feel like this summer was the summer of sorry. Every email I sent started with “Sorry for the delay in replying …” But even though I said sorry to lots of people, I didn’t say very often to my family. Since this was James’s first summer without school, therapy, or help from a TSS (therapist who came to the house to help in PA), we had lots of quality family time!

In August David and I went to the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, we all went to the beach, we played outside, and James had a great week at Super Place VBS (for special-needs kids and adults).

august 2016

The boys also had their first day back to school in August—David’s first day of public school ever! It’s been two weeks of highs and lows, but overall we’ve had a good start to the year. David said yesterday was the best day yet, so we’re optimistic he will continue to enjoy it!


We’re all adjusting to a new normal routine! David auditioned for another play and is excited about the part he got. He will have rehearsal three times a week. We kicked off our church plant’s first small group which meets at our house on Wednesday nights. We have outreach events planned in September (a free sensory-friendly movie) and October (free photo sessions for special-needs families). James’s birthday is this weekend and new friends from his class are coming over for a cookout party. It’s going to be a full, busy month!

I also have exciting news—I signed a contract with Karen of Credo Communication who will be representing me as a writer and helping me find a publisher for future book projects. This month I’ll be working closely with Karen on making the book proposal as good as it can be. I’m excited about the process and how much I’ll learn.

If you haven’t filled out my reader survey, I would really appreciate it. It is helping me know what posts resonate with you and where you read my writing (here, Key Ministry, and/or social media). It’s quick and anonymous and I’ll share the results with you all next week.

Thanks as always for reading! I’m thankful that you keep clicking over, especially after the quiet summer months!

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