I think there are four signature dishes everyone should have:

  1. One to take to a potluck meal.
  2. One to take to someone who needs a meal.
  3. One to take to a small gathering (small group, book club, girls’ night. . .).
  4. One to serve when people come over.
I like to keep them all simple. The best part of having a signature dish is that you make it so often, you never mess it up!Here’s what I use for each occasion:

  1. Ham rolls (similar to these from The Girl Who Ate Everything)
  2. Baked spaghetti (via Paula Deen)
  3. Chocolate chip cookie brownies (via Tidy Mom)
  4. Cranberry orange turkey breast (via Today’s Housewife)

And no matter where I go, or who comes over, I always make my lemonade!

For one gallon of lemonade:

-Heat about 3 cups of water until boiling. Add 2 cups of sugar and stir to desolve.
-Pour into pitcher and combine with two cups of lemon juice.
-Fill up with water until you have a gallon!

To make strawberry lemonade:

-Put 1 cup of strawberries (if frozen, thaw first) in small food processor and chop until fine.
-Add to lemonade.
-Stir, chill, and enjoy!

What are your signature dishes?

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