May 23rd

We’re starting chapter 6 today and it was tough for me to read because last year we believed James was being abused. CPS, the police, the school, and a sexual assault nurse were all involved and thankfully didn’t find any sign of abuse. And last year around Thanksgiving, a boy James’s age eloped from his uncle’s house here in our town and drowned. Our fears are real, but they don’t have to be paralyzing. What are your biggest fears for your child?

May 24th

We’re reading from page 73 (“Teacher, Do You Not Care?”) to the question on page 75.

Some people worry more than others because of their personality types and even spiritual giftedness. Lee tends to worry more than I do. Are you a worrier? What has helped you stop worrying (or at least worry less)?

May 25th

We’re finishing up chapter 6 today. The story about Mephibosheth is one of my favorites in Scripture. Even during the darkest times, we don’t have to fear because we trust in Him.

Have you experienced God’s provision even in the midst of pain and trials?

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