I read through the book of Psalms last week, priming the pump for my new book project. I love the refrain throughout the book to remember what God has done for you:

“I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your wonders of old. I will ponder all your work, and meditate on your mighty deeds.” Psalm 77:11-12

And to tell the others:

“My mouth will tell of your righteous acts, of your deeds of salvation all the day, for their number is past my knowledge.” Psalm 71:15

As we come to the close of October, our family is praising God for so much. I wanted to share those answered prayers with you.

  • Both boys are doing great in school. I had David’s 504 meeting (for his dyslexia) and James’s IEP meeting (called an ARD here in Texas) and both went great. After such a hard year for James last year, I can’t stop telling people how great this year is. Even as I left James’s IEP (30 minutes after it was over because the LSSP and I kept chatting), the principal was in the hall and told me how much she loves our little family. I assured her the feeling was mutual.
  • Lee started a new job, working fewer hours with the same pay. Even though he loved the people he worked with before and we were thankful for the support of his boss, it’s so nice for him to now have more time to work on Journey projects. And it’s nice having him home to spend more time with the boys and me.
  • Lee’s doctoral thesis is done and being mailed to the committee he’ll meet with in a couple weeks to review it. It’s been a four-year project that has often been put on the back burner, so we are especially thankful for Lee’s hard work and God’s grace as he finished it up!
  • In October we had two Journey outreaches and both went great! We did free photo sessions for special-needs families and we had a cookout to watch the Texans game and had a huge turn out. We are to thankful for the people we are meeting!
  • David wrapped up another play with his local theater group and it went great. It was the first time he’s balanced school and theater, so we were especially proud of how he managed his time and kept a good attitude.
  • I am turning in the proposal for my new book to my agent today. God has impressed upon me and my agent a new direction than what we were planning, so it’s taken extra work over the last couple weeks. But I’m thankful for the words He has given me!


Here’s what I’m praying for in November:

  • The election. Lee and I already voted so there’s nothing left for us to do but pray.
  • Continued wisdom and faithfulness as we plant Journey. Our small group is moving from Wednesday nights to Sunday nights and we have two outreaches planned this month.
  • Lee’s travels. Lee has two trips planned this month, a conference and his doctoral defense. We’re praying for safety for him and that he would enjoy his time learning more!
  • The boys’ health. One day last month James was the only student in his class because everyone else was out sick! We pray for their continued good health.
  • I’m praying over my book proposal, that my agent would get it in the right hands and it would find favor. I’m hoping for the right publisher to be as excited about the project as we are. In my ideal time line, we would have a contract and a plan in place by early next year so I can write the book while the boys are still in school.

Thank you for taking time to read how God has been faithful to our family in October! How can I pray for you in November?

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