The days leading up to Easter are some of the holiest days of the year. If you’re in ministry, they may also be the most stressful and pressure-filled. To help my family focus on what is truly important this week leading up to Easter Sunday, I’m praying prayers from Teri Lynne’s book, Prayers from the Pews. You are invited to join me.



Prayer for “One Heart”

And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart . . . Acts 4:32 NASB

Lord, we pray our faith fellowship will be bound with one heart—a heart that seeks You, is passionate for You, longs for You alone. As we grow in one heart for You, fill us with great love and compassion for one another as well. Cause us to lay down our own agendas, plans, and desires. Let them be replaced with humility and love that places others ahead of ourselves. May we be so consumed with loving and serving that people know it can only be explained by You. Amen. (written by Teri Lynne Underwood)

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