When COVID 19 hit our country and we started taking precautions, I asked God what He might have planned for my family during this time. Was there a way I could spend our extra time at home that would strengthen our relationships and bring glory to Him? One way I thought of was to pray for the typical siblings in our families. With both boys home, James is getting more of my attention than David is. That’s just part of life at our house. But I can focus my prayer time on David and his needs!

For fourteen days I shared emails that included:

  • a focus verse
  • a prayer based on the focus verse
  • a short devotional
  • a discussion question or activity you can do together based on your child’s current stage of development

I’m sharing the links below so you can start your 14 days of prayer anytime! As a special-needs sibling raising a special-needs sibling, I draw on my experiences to guide David and I hope what I share is helpful to you as well!

  1. let’s pray together for special-needs siblings
  2. He will supply your needs
  3. speak up & ensure justice
  4. bear with one another in love
  5. our God whom we serve is able
  6. you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him
  7. make Your face shine upon us
  8. a good word makes them glad
  9. one man sharpens another
  10. I am not ashamed of the gospel
  11. they were seeking to bring him before Jesus
  12. we can do the good things he planned for us long ago
  13. let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him
  14. our last prayer together
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