Quotes from The Gospel Project Simulcast

I spent Monday afternoon carrying the iPad around while I watched The Gospel Project’s simulcast. You can still watch the videos for free just by registering on their site. I’m still thinking about what the speakers said and applying it to my life and ministry. Here are some of my favorites:

A gospel-centered church consistently reminds their people of who they were before they heard the gospel.  

  • Does part of your discipleship process teach people to preach the gospel to themselves?
  • In order to really understand the gospel, we need to be in a community where we can see the impact of the gospel.
  • PERFORMANCE based religion always ends with either PRIDE or DESPAIR because it’s all about you. ~

Worship is breathing in grace and breathing out praise.

  • The community not only reveals our need for the gospel. Through community, we express how the gospel changes us.
  • In order to really understand the gospel, we need to be in a community where we can see the impact of the gospel.
  • The gospel imperative of loving others cannot happen in isolation.

When looking for women to lead in women’s ministry, pray and ask God who are the sound thinkers among us.

  • We need to leverage the gifts & insights of women so that men & women can serve side by side in the church’s mission.
  • You look at the life to come as a life that is full of opportunities, some of which were missed in this life.
  • With a steady diet of the Word and a steady exposure to the world, God will call people to mission. 

There are no unreached people in your office or neighborhood—because God has placed you there.

  • If there is not a deep connection between the gospel and groups, our people will form community on something else.
  • Community is only as strong as the foundation it is built upon.
  • We need to teach kids that the Bible is a story about God, not a story about us.
  • If motherhood is about us, it ends with us. If motherhood is about God, it ends in worship.

You don’t repent less as you grow in holiness, you repent more!

  • The world’s way of dealing with sin is redefinition. God’s way of dealing with sin is redemption. 
  • The first thing Jesus says after, “the kingdom of God is here” is “turn around you are going the wrong way!”
  • We don’t believe in a system of redemption. We believe in a redeemer.  
  • We cannot ask the law to do in people’s lives what only grace can do.

If you are convinced your biggest problems are outside of you & not inside of you, you are not interested in God’s grace.


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