Review of The Spiritual Art of Raising Children with Disabilities One of my favorite benefits of running Not Alone (a website for parents of children with special needs), is that I get to interact with leading writers in the special-needs community. Kathy Bolduc is one of those writers I’m privileged to be learning from.

Her newest book, The Spiritual Art of Raising Children with Disabilities, is a book for parents, but it isn’t a how-to parenting book. Instead, this is about putting the pieces of your life back together and seeing what beauty God can create from it.

Kathy’s book will especially appeal to those who are more contemplative and reflective (or those who want to be!). She shares her stories, the stories of many others, quotes from her favorite books, and even poetry. All these work together to achieve her goal of creating a beautiful mosaic to inspire parents to reflect on God’s work in their lives. 

Kathy has walked through the ups and downs of life parenting a child with special needs. She knows what words your soul needs to hear. She will hold your hand and lead you to a place of comfort and grace.

One of the chapters I enjoyed most was on self-care. She writes:

“As I began to realize this truth–that nurturing my soul also includes honoring my body–moving my own needs up the priority list began to make sense. As I blocked out time on the calendar for myself, my depleted cup began to refill, finally overflowing with more energy for my family, friends, church, and neighbors.”

We can’t care of our children if we don’t care for ourselves, especially if we need to care for them into their adulthood. I’m thankful for Kathy’s example and encouragement to take time to exercise and eat better.

For more on Kathy’s book, check out her website and her posts on Not Alone. You can also join Kathy at a free webinar: The Spiritual Art of Raising Children with Disabilities: Learning to Let Go and “Be” – Thursday, May 22nd, at 1 pm. If you can’t attend at that time, register and participate at your leisure. You are promised an hour of rest and refreshment using art, music, and Scripture. Sign up here:

(Kathy and Judson Press provided me with an electronic copy of the book to review. Opinions in this review are my own.)
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