Some of my favorite bloggers do status updates each month so we can get a glimpse into their day-to-day lives. I hope to add to the fun each month with my own updates. Here’s what’s happening around here as we kick-off February:

Praising God January is over, and hoping not to repeat the doctor and ER visits we had. We prayed no one else would get my flu and they didn’t. We prayed my kidney stone would break up and the doctors believe it did. And we prayed my neck/shoulder pain would just be a pulled muscle and not anything more series, and that was true. I do have a few follow-up appointments in February, so we’re praying they all go well.

status report: February from Impact -

Answering questions like this one: David (7 yo), “Mom, what does ‘drunk’ mean?” Me, “Where did you hear the word?” David, “On the radio, he said ‘I drunk my milk.'” (Glad I asked for clarification before answering!)

Recovering from staying up for the Super Bowl last night. We live near Baltimore so I didn’t admit to many people I really would have been ok with the 49ers winning. I like their quarterback (who is adopted) and his dad who said, “We never said ‘These are our kids and that’s our adopted kid.’ They are all our kids. They are Kaepernicks.” (That’s a paraphrase, but you get the point.)

Waiting still for our adoption referral. It’s like taking a pregnancy test every day and it being negative every day. Every day for 28 weeks.

Realizing Toms shoes aren’t really made for snowy weather. I have my eyes on a new pair for spring, so hopefully this snow will go away and stay away.

Trying to get a few details on this site worked out. I’m not a pro with WordPress, FeedBlitz, or MailChimp. I want to make sure everyone is getting updates before I announce a big giveaway on Thursday!

Moving on now to start another load of laundry, take cube steak out of the freezer so we can have chicken fried steak for dinner, get James ready for his therapy time with his TSS, and read more of The Magician’s Nephew with David.

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