Stressing over decisions for the fall. It’s so hard to plan without knowing when we will get our adoption referral phone call and how our new son’s needs will change our family. I’m not usually stressed, but this adoption process is so far out of our control, it’s hard not to stress a little.

Eating cheese again. We finished up our official Whole30 eating plan. It was a tough month, but good. The hardest part for me was not giving up certain foods, but having to cook three meals a day with completely new recipes (since all of our usual meals had dairy, carbs, and/or sugar). Lee feels so much better though. Our plan is to eat as close to Whole30 as we can during the week and give ourselves more freedom on the weekends.

May Status Update

Deleting links and Pinterest pins to a former site of mine that is now a not-so-nice site. Ugh.

Waiting on another box from StitchFix! And to start the next book on my can’t wait to read list. And for my sister to wake up so I can call and tell her happy birthday (she lives in Alaska). And for the dryer to be done so I can put in another load.

Booking plane tickets to Houston. The Southern Baptist Convention is happening there in June and my parents live there, so we’re doubly excited about the trip. (Ok, honestly, I’m not very excited about the trip. Deep down I’m hoping we have to cancel and travel to Ethiopia instead.)

Needing to clean off my desk. Probably not happening today though. I’ve been booked with editing jobs the last couple weeks and for a few more weeks, so I’ve been using the desk a lot. And I like having everything I need out where I can reach it.

Getting back to the boys! James doesn’t have preschool on Wednesdays so they are both home. The sun in shining so I’m sure we’ll be playing outside most of the day.

Happy May 1st!

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