Hi, friend! Thanks for clicking over to learn more about my newsletters. As life gets busy, I’m on social media less, but each month I send out two newsletters for those who want to stay connected. Here are the details:

On the first Thursday (or sometimes Friday) of each month, I send out a disability ministry newsletter. It’s for ministry leaders, volunteers, and parents who have a heart for inclusion in churches. As a special-needs sibling and mom, I know how hard it can be to find a church that welcomes families like ours. As a pastor’s wife and ministry leader, I know how hard it can be to meet everyone’s needs with the limitations we feel! That’s why each month I share ideas and encouragement for those of us working toward inclusion and accessibility in churches.

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Near the end of each month, I email friends a more personal update on what’s going on at our house and in our family. That includes a devotional essay on what God’s been teaching me lately, favorite books I’ve read, links to articles I’ve written or podcasts I’ve been on, and even recent Amazon orders that have made our lives easier. I’d love to be able to connect with you in this more personal way!

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Sandra Peoples: Equipping Churches and Encouraging Families