Unexpected Blessings by Sandra Peoples
Sandra Peoples: Unexpected Blessings

About Unexpected Blessings

When someone in your family is diagnosed with a special need, it can be difficult to move past the pain and confusion.

Why did this happen? What will our lives look like now? But living in a special-needs family can be a special blessing! Are you ready to face the future with hope? Speaking honestly about the challenges that accompany a variety of disabilities, author Sandra Peoples shows you how to:

  • Let go of false beliefs that hold you back
  • Work through the cycles of grief
  • Focus on self-care and healthy routines
  • Rebuild a strong faith foundation
  • Create support systems for yourself and others

Filled with real-life stories and hard-earned wisdom, this book shines a light on the possibilities and blessings that come when you see your new purpose in life—which was God’s purpose for you all along.

Sandra Peoples: Unexpected Blessings

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When you move past your pain and find your purpose, you stop begin a victim and become an advocate. - Sandra Peoples, Unexpected Blessings
The Bible has plenty to say about disabilities and God's purpose in them. - Sandra Peoples, Unexpected Blessings
Churches need a theology of disability based on Scripture so they are ready to welcome special-needs families. - Sandra Peoples, Unexpected Blessings
When He created me with a set of gifts and calling, He did so knowing I would be James's mom. - Sandra Peoples, Unexpected Blessings
The unexpected blessings you will experience will buoy you through the tough times. - Sandra Peoples, Unexpected Blessings
Our family has moved from a place of pain to having a purpose, and we can help you take that journey as well. - Sandra Peoples, Unexpected Blessings

About Sandra Peoples

Sandra Peoples, MDiv, is a leading voice in the disability community as an encourager to special-needs parents. She has been a member of a special-needs family since the day she was born. Her older sister has Down syndrome, and in 2010 her son James was diagnosed with autism. Sandra is the executive editor for Key Ministry and Not Alone (Patheos), and her writing has been featured by FamilyLife Today, DaySpring, Parenting Teens (LifeWay), and (in)courage. Sandra, her husband, and their two boys live outside of Houston.

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