learned in FebruaryFebruary is a funny month. We often try to get through it as quickly as possible, which is easy to do since it’s the shortest. Here in PA, we’ve continued with the longest/coldest/snowiest winter ever, which makes me want it go as fast as possible. Another reason I want it to speed by–my birthday is in March, and I love my birthday. But even though February is short, I sure packed this month full of learning new stuff! Here are some of the highlights:

  • I think I’m an Ennegram 1. At least according to the online version of the personality profile I took. I reserved a book at the library that will teach me more.
  • Carter’s clothing store now goes up to size 12 (they did stop at 7, so David had just outgrown them last fall). This makes me super happy! We’ll be off to the outlet for spring clothes soon!
  • I took lots of quizzes on BuzzFeed, which led to me learning all kinds of info about myself: if I were one of Jesus’ disciples, I would be Matthew, if I were a character on Dawson’s Creek, I would be Grams, the celebrity couple Lee and I are most like is Michelle and Barack Obama, if I were a Mighty Ducks character, I would be Julie “The Cat” Gaffney, the European country I belong in is Germany, Jane Austen is my classic author soul mate, and if I were a Harry Potter character, I would be Ginny Weasley.

buzz feed quizzes

  • The latitude and longitude coordinates for Duncan, OK, Raleigh NC, and Beijing, China. I’m still deciding if I want them engraved on a bracelet of tattooed on my wrist. (Who am I kidding–it will totally be a bracelet. Lee keeps voting tattoo, but I think he’s bluffing.)
  • How long it takes for over two feet of snow to melt. Oh wait, there’s still snow on the ground. Hopefully by the end of March I can let you know how long it takes to melt (our low today is 0, so that isn’t helping the melting process).
  • Moms of children with special  needs are quick to skip the small talk and get right to the hard stuff. A local church hosted a day of pampering for care takers of those with special needs (most were moms, but a few were wives). I was in awe of these women. So many stories of love and loss. So many tears and hugs. I’m thankful for the growing number of churches around the country that are serving these families.

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