I’ve only been a pastor’s wife for eight years, but I’ve already learned a thing or ten about what we need when our husbands are in ministry!

  1.  A go-to casserole recipe. Whether it’s for the pot-luck dinner or taking to a new mom, you need an easy recipe that you practically have memorized and always have the ingredients on hand.
  2. A lounge area. Seriously–can we get one of those? A place for the boys and me just to hang out until Lee is ready to leave? Until then, I’ll settle for the fellowship hall, where the boys get into the Awana toys and the snacks leftover from the Sunday school class that meets in there.
  3. An invisibility cloak (or something that works just as well at making us invisible). My son and I sit on the front row. Behind us sits a family with a couple members who are over six feet tall. Since I’m only five feet, I’m practically invisible to the rest of the congregation. This helps me feel much less self-conscious as I teach our oldest son how to behave in church!
  4. Sensible shoes. We actually pick our Sunday morning parking spot based on what shoes I’m wearing. If I can’t balance myself, my church purse, and our five year old in the heels I have on, we park as close to the door as possible.
  5. A church purse. I bought a new bag last week because none of my purses were big enough for my usual Sunday contents- Bible, Sunday school book, prayer notebook; plus my son’s Bible, snack for when Daddy gets up to preach, dry erase board & marker, note cards, crayons, and stickers.
  6. A “safe place.” I teach a small ladies Sunday School class and they are definitely my “safe place.” I can admit my mistakes, struggles, and sins and know that they will encourage me and keep me accountable.
  7. A master key so you can get to all the snack hiding places. Seriously, you’re the first one there and the last ones to leave. You might get hungry.
  8. Caller ID. (No commentary on that, just trust me!)
  9. A copy of your husband’s schedule. Usually when the phone rings, it’s for my husband. Sometimes it’s someone who needs him ASAP. I like to know where he is in case we need to get in touch with him quickly.
  10. A smile, a handshake, or a hug for every member of the flock you and your husband are called to love, serve, strengthen, admonish, and teach.

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