Thank you so much for signing up for the #Abidein2017 newsletter, and for your interest in Abide: Self-Care for the Busy Mom. Your bonus content for January is a printable that will help you apply what you learned in Abide and live out your purpose.

Here are some details about what’s included:

Date: Start with that day’s date. You may want to print off a stack and put them in a binder like I have done!

Today’s Verse: What verse, phrase, or word stood out to you when you read your Bible this morning? Write it down here.

Focus on Fifteen: I believe there are fifteen minutes in your day that are the most important. They break down to three, five-minute segments. For me it includes when I take my boys to school, when I pick them up from school, and when my husband gets home from work. I want to be fully present in these moments, focused on them and setting the tone for what comes next. Your fifteen minutes could be when you wake up your kids, when you sit down for dinner together, and when you tuck them in. Or it could include when you get to work, when you begin your homeschool day, or when you chat with your husband on his lunch break. In this section on my sheet, I write down a word or idea I want to focus on during that time. On the way to school I might want to encourage my older son to be brave that day, so I write down “brave.” On the way home I may want to remember to ask about his spelling test, so I jot down “sp test.” When my husband gets home I may want to write down “kiss” so I remember to really connect with him. Use this space to focus your mind on what’s most important during the most important fifteen minutes of your day!

Three Goals: I set just three goals for myself each day. Any more than that and I get overwhelmed. Big or small, use this space to set your goals for the day.

Appointments: Do you have anything on your calendar for today? A meeting, appointment, or date? Jot them down here so you remember.

Menu Plan: Thinking about what we’ll eat helps me know how to prepare that day (especially if I need to lay out anything to thaw or run to the grocery store). Here’s space for what you’re cooking today!

What I want to remember about today: Write down what you’d like to remember about what happened today, from the silly to the super important.

Download it by clicking here!