And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together. Colossians 1:17

I really love personality typing tools and celebrating the wide diversity of personality traits God has gifted us with. When studying the Enneagram personality typing, we discovered that no other combination of types gets more done than the types my husband and I are (He’s a 3; I’m a 1).

Getting things done is a very good trait. But what isn’t good is when we think that if we don’t get something done, everything will fall apart—when we think we hold all things together and forget that it’s actually God.

Our kids also try really hard to hold all things together. If they can just get through the day of school, they can get home and relax. Or if they can just sit through the church service, they can run to the car and get their energy out. Or if they can just eat one bite of the mushy food that feels slimy, they can have the crunchy carrots they really want. They just have to hold it together until …

I’m so thankful for the reminder that we don’t have to hold it all together. That we can rest. We can take breaks. We can even fail and the world will go on spinning. And I’m thankful that we can trust God to do what we and our kids can’t do—hold the entire world together, even our little corner of the world that includes our kids’ school day, church pew, and dinner options.

How we react when our kids feel like their worlds are falling apart can help them keep it together, and pointing them to God who never fails will give them confidence in Him!

We are thankful that in You, all things are held together.

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