FebruaryI just read that 49 out of 50 states have gotten snow this winter, so I won’t dwell too much on the fact that most of what’s been happening behind the scenes around here has to do with shoveling snow, sledding on snow, and cleaning up the trails of snow all over my house. I’ll just jump right into the fun stuff …

If you have read Held or are currently reading Held, we recorded some videos to go along with each chapter. They were lots of fun to film and edit (all by myself by the way, so be kind). I’m part of two Facebook groups who are doing the study now, and it’s fun to read what they are learning from the book and hear their stories.

Our adoption paperwork is currently in Washington D.C. and next week we expect it to be in China! Then we just wait for them to invite us over. Our son’s school has said we can start sending him care packages, pictures, and even videos so he can get to know us. I want to wait until the snow melts before I do pictures and videos of the outside of the house. I don’t want him to come home this summer and expect it to be snow-covered!

I’m at The MOB Society today, writing about all the firsts I’m missing in Joel’s life and all the firsts I’m looking forward to!

I’ve been working with Erin and Phil of Insight by Design to redo Not Alone Parents, the website for parents of kids with special-needs I took over a few months ago. It’s going well and I can’t wait to welcome everyone to our new space! By the time we launch the redesign, I hope to have a new e-book available for subscribers. When it’s all ready, I’ll be sure to point you over!

That’s all the big stuff happening! If we get a break in the snow this weekend, our church is hosting a respite night for families of kids with special needs, so Lee and I are hoping to get a date night. I’ve got a new Stitch Fix shirt I want to wear! I’ll be sure to share a pic on Instagram if we make it out.

Happy weekend everyone!


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