School started this week, so I finally have time to really reflect on all the fun we had this summer and all the the boys learned (I already shared what I learned!). This was the first summer in a few years that James didn’t have an extended summer session (sometimes called ESY in the special-needs world), but he did have his TSS (therapy helper) here each day and still worked hard on meeting his behavioral therapy goals. We tried to keep him busy and because of that, David had lots of flexibility in his routine. (Especially those days I was potty training James. I’m not even sure what David did those days, but he said they were his favorite.)

Here’s a recap of the highlights!

david learned


  • When Grandma came to visit, David learned how to tie his shoes and memorized my cell phone number. Both important to know!
  • David took four weeks of swim lessons and they sure paid off! He loved swimming when we took our family vacation to Florida.
  • We went bowling almost every week, and even though David hated it at first (mainly because James would beat him), he got better (and got more used to losing to James).

James learned


  • James was adventurous at the beach, which wasn’t a surprise. But it was a surprise he followed directions well, even learning how to ride David’s boogie board with Lee’s help.
  • He also learned to swing independently, pumping his legs back and forth. But it’s still more fun for Mom, Dad, or David to push him so he can go higher!
  • James helped me in the garden and loved eating the lettuce and tomatoes. He ate lots of other new foods too, so much the feeding therapist we saw at the end of the summer said to keep up the good work!

Summer of 2014, you were so good to us. Thanks for the memories! Now let’s see what the new season of our lives will teach us!

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