I’m at (in)courage today, sharing about my favorite season for hospitality!

My family of four and I just celebrated the one-year anniversary of our move from rural Pennsylvania to suburban Texas, right outside of Houston. We moved here to plant a church, which means we are deliberately creating lots of opportunities to show hospitality to our new friends and neighbors. We counted it up and realized we’ve had people in our home for 49 of the last 52 weeks!

As I’m sure you can imagine, the seasons in Houston are very different from the seasons in Pennsylvania. Here, we mostly stay inside during the hot summer months. In the fall we enjoy being outside again—ready for weekend football games, afternoons at the park, and chatting with neighbors at the bus stop.

Fall is my favorite season for hospitality.

For those of us in the Deep South, it’s finally cool enough to be outside. For those in the North, it’s the perfect season to spend with friends before the snow keeps you inside.

Here are a few fall hospitality ideas to help you get to know your neighbors better and make new friends …

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