A family care plan is an info sheet kept by the staff to help know the family who needs care and organize how to meet their needs. You can customize it to fit what your church offers.

Father holding son – son is focus of picture, has glasses and a hearing aide

Who can see the FCP? It’s up to the family, but generally the staff, small group/ministry leaders, their go-to person, mercy ministry leader or other care provider 

When do you create the plan? When a special needs family joins the church or when a family is in a crisis situation that needs ongoing support

Who goes over it with them? Any staff person who has gotten to know them 

Info to Include:

  • Names and ages of family members
  • Contact info
  • Classes/small groups they attend
  • How they serve
  • School(s) they attend
  • Diagnoses, medical concerns, allergies
  • The family’s chosen go-to person who will step in to organize help when needed and who will communicate with the staff

Possible Help Available:

  • Counseling
  • Respite opportunities
  • Help with bills
  • Meal train access
  • Carpooling
  • Support groups
  • Advocacy groups
  • School support 
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