fist bump Friday

Summer just keeps on rolling, doesn’t it? We’re filling our days with swim lessons, tennis camp, therapy, library trips, runs to Sonic during happy hour, and lots of yummy fruit. We’ll pass out a few fist bumps to hit the highlights!

June late

  • Fist bump to Lee for spending his week at SEBTS for his last doctorate class! Now we move into project mode, which will take about a year.
  • Fist bump to my mom for flying in from Houston to help while Lee was gone! We didn’t do anything exciting, just our regular summer routine, but it sure was fun having her along for all of it!
  • Fist bump to David for learning to float on his back and stomach! We have one more week of swim lessons to go and I think he’s learned a lot and gotten more comfortable in the water.
  • Fist bump to Joel’s teachers, who made his 6th birthday very special this week. We sent gifts over a month ago, but I don’t think they’ve made it there yet. We also made a video of our family members and friends wishing him a happy birthday. Hope he sees how loved he is!
  • Fist bump to James, for dealing with his anxiety over being out of school. He wants all the doors closed, only wants to wear green shirts, and has decided he’s not going to swing in our swings anymore, but he’s also sleeping well, trying new foods, and doing great for his therapist each day. At least he’s keeping the summer interesting!

As we turn the calendar page to July next week, we have so much to look forward to! VBS, sports camp, a trip to Florida with my family, and getting even closer to traveling to China to bring Joel home (we’re still hoping/planning to travel in early September). So fun!

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