• HUGE, exploding fist bump to Erin and Phil at Design by Insight for their work on redesigning Not Alone. It is bright, open, inviting, and friendly. Exactly what I wanted.
  • An optimistic fist bump to oil pulling. I went to the dentist this week and he said I may need a root canal. That doesn’t sound fun, so I’m giving oil pulling a try.  I made it to ten minutes this morning and am feeling good about it!
  • An early fist bump to David for effort on his March Madness bracket. He picked NC State to go all the way and they lost last night. He did build a very nice trophy out of Trio blocks to give to our family bracket winner. Guess it’s down to Lee or me now. (Also, David got a part in the play he auditioned for last week! You can watch his latest webshow episode to hear how it went.)
  • Of course, a fist bump to spring. We had a couple warm-ish days this week and spent some time outside. There’s more snow expected next week, but I do have crocuses and daffodils peeking through!

fist bump Friday

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