I want to start a new way of recapping the week by giving a few virtual fist bumps. James recently learned to fist bump and passes them out generously while walking down the halls at church each Sunday. Everybody loves a good fist bump!

fist bump Friday

  • Fist bump to my friends on Facebook who said “happy birthday” on Monday! Facebook is worth the sometimes-drama for the one day of the year you can read through birthday messages from people who you’ve know since your first birthday and people you just met.
  • Five fist bumps to the team who did James’s colon and large intestine scope on Tuesday. Twice. They were all patient, kind, and gracious. We heard the results today and they ruled out Hirschsprung disease, which is good news!
  • Fist bump to David, who was super brave and auditioned for his first play on Wednesday. He also launched his own website and webshow this week. We’re getting an episode about his audition ready to post next week!
  • Fist bump to the idea of “comfort reading.” It’s the book or books you go to when you need something familiar and comfortable. I’ve read about it on a couple sites and I definitely do it. This week I was reading a book about highly sensitive kids and a memoir on motherhood and prayer, but one night I wanted something light. So I opened to chapter 33 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.¬†Finding out bad guys can actually be good? Always comforting. Always.

birthday week

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