fist bump Friday

  • Fist bump to Memorial Day, and for a three day weekend! Especially since we had theater stuff going on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so it didn’t feel very weekend-y. We had a couple families from church over Monday for dinner and it was perfect weather for grilling and eating outside.
  • Fist bump to David’s theater friends, whose real names we finally learned at his strike party Sunday night. They sure had fun together!
  • Fist bump to Michael Hyatt for a very inspiring podcast with Dave Miller. It gave me the kick in the pants I needed to open up the Word doc of a half finished e-book I haven’t touched since March. The new plan is to get it done before James finishes school.
  • Fist bump to Ellen at Love That Max for her post, “We’re not just our kids’ parents–we are their publicists” in reaction to Toni Braxton’s admission in her book that she believes (or at least believed) her son has autism because God punished her for an abortion she had ten years prior. We each have different reactions when we hear our children’s diagnoses, but what matters is what we believe after we get through the initial shock  and possible mourning period. In Speechless, I talk about feeling like God owed me a perfect life, but that was about issues I had to work through within myself (and the writing the book helped me work through those).
  • And a final fist bump to James, for being so willing to give me kisses when he thinks I’ll fill up his bowl with Goldfish after he’s finished. It’s so easy to be this kid’s mom (and publicist).

memorial day

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