At 6:27 last night I looked across the living room at Lee and David playing cards together and James watching Thomas. I decided it was my favorite time of day. Then I thought of a few more favorite times of day. I came up with nine.

  1. When I wake up with my boys snuggling in bed with me.
  2. When James heads off to school.
  3. When David says, “Do you have time for Minecraft?”
  4. When Lee calls from the office to how we’re doing.
  5. When David and I start school time.
  6. When James comes home from school.
  7. When Lee takes over with the boys and I make dinner.
  8. When we all play outside after dinner.
  9. When the boys are asleep in their beds and I pull out my Kindle.

my favorite time of day (actually, my 9 favorite times of day) -


What’s your favorite time of day?


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