fist bump Friday

  • #1 fist bump goes to the weather, which is really warming up! We are expected to even hit the 70s this weekend. It was warm enough to walk in short sleeves one day this week!
  • Our lavender essential oil also gets a fist-bump for helping with James’s allergies and melt-downs this week.
  • Ninjago books* get a fist bump from this mom for getting David to voluntarily read. When we headed out for a quick road trip, he picked up a few books instead of something with apps!
  • And while we’re handing out fist bumps for books, I’d like to give a few to fiction writers. I’ve been on a fiction kick lately. There’s a big difference between good fiction and just OK fiction. The good ones deserve lots of thanks.
  • Speaking of thanks, I’d like to give fist bumps to those who have left reviews of our Bible study for special-needs parents, Held: Learning to Live in God’s Grip*. Reviews help others decide if the book is right for them. If you’ve read it, we’d love for you to leave a review too!

April fist bump

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

*Amazon affiliate link

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