We woke up, we opened, we played, and now we have no where to put the new toys!

This week at our house we’re sorting through all the toys to see which ones don’t get played with anymore. With a couple bins full already, I thought about what to do with them. Here are five ways to pass on old toys:

  1. Donate them to your church or day care. Nurseries and day cares always need new toys! Make sure you talk to the appropriate people before donating. They may have rules about toys with small pieces or toys that make a lot of noise.
  2. Toys and baby items are always appreciated at crisis pregnancy centers. They will often also pass along your maternity clothes if you want to clean out your closet while cleaning out the toys.
  3. Women’s shelters need stuffed animals and toys for the children who come with their moms for help. This time of year they also need coats and other winter apparel.
  4. Host a toy swap with friends who have children close in age to your children. If you do this with a large group, you may want to draw numbers to see who gets to choose first, second, and so on. You don’t want to all fight for the same toy!
  5. Sell your gently used toys on Ebay, Craig’s List, or at a consignment shop (Kid to Kid is my favorite).
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