May 15th

Today’s reading is just a couple pages from chapter 4 as we start to think about a new topic: how to react when people just don’t get it. Some stories of when friends or family just didn’t get it are hurtful and some are humorous. Do you have a story to share of either instance? How did you respond?

May 16th

We’re reading pages 51-54 today and learning from the example of Christ. What stands out to you about how Jesus responded to His disciples? His patience? His calmness? His willingness to explain lessons again and again? How can you learn from His example and apply His characteristics to a situation you’re in right now?

May 17th

Friends, family members, strangers, the media, and even people at church can hurt us with their words. Forgiveness isn’t easy, but we can learn from the example of Christ, who ha more reason than anyone not to forgive and still did. Do you need to let go of hurt today?

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