I used to struggle to get to sleep hours after going to bed. But my routine now helps me get to sleep faster.

How I Fall Asleep Faster (self-care day 17)

  1. I go to bed and wake at at the same time every day. In bed at 9:00, asleep by 10:00. Awake at 6:00, out of bed by 6:30.
  2. I don’t drink caffeine after noon. You may be able to stop at 2:00 pm or 5:00 pm, but noon works best for me.
  3. I turn the computer off at 9:00 pm. In fact, I try to avoid anything backlit an hour before bed time.
  4. I read from 9:00 until I’m ready to go to sleep. Most people say they can’t read fiction before bed, but I prefer it. It usually doesn’t require me to think too much.
  5. If I’m not asleep thirty minutes after I’ve gone to bed, I take Melatonin. It was a big help when we adjusted after coming home from China last year so we keep a bottle around for when we need it. (I need it maybe twice a month.)
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