I know how hard it can be to shop for our kids on the autism spectrum, so I’m sharing James’s Christmas list this year! It’s all from Amazon, so you can click the affiliate links to check them out and hopefully be inspired!

  1. Stuffed plush Julia from Sesame Street– Julia is Sesame Street’s character who has autism!
  2. Megabloks Percy– James has a few of these from Target, so I know he’ll like Percy
  3. Gonge River Set– We have the river stones at church and he loves them
  4. LEGO Juniors Thunder Hallow Crazy Race– He still loves everything Cars
  5. Cat in the Hat shirt– Maybe we can get him to retire his current favorite Dr. Seuss shirt
  6. Kids Play Tent Knight Castle– I think he’ll like having a place to hang out
  7. Mega Bloks Dr. Seuss set– His aunt got him a similar set for his birthday and he likes it
  8. Thomas & Friends Character Encyclopedia– Pictures of all the trains? He’ll love it!

And the gift he expects every time he opens presents—a handy dandy Blue’s Clues notebook. A few years ago I got this party pack in case they stop making them!


If you still need help, download 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Loved One with Special Needs. You can share it with family members who may need shopping tips! And don’t forget to put my new book, Unexpected Blessings: The Joys and Possibilities of Life in a Special-Needs Family, on your list!

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