At the end of each  month, Emily shares what she has learned and she’s inviting us to do the same! This blog has been mostly quiet in June as my husband and I work on a Bible study for special needs parents we’re releasing this fall, so I thought this would be a fun way to wrap up the month and look forward to July. Here are a few things I learned in June!

  • I learned Despicable Me is really about adoption. And since we’ve been in the adoption process for over three years, it made me cry. Happy cry, but cry none the less. Also, you can get a Despicable Me Fart gun (banana scented). It’s almost $50 bucks though. And, my big boy has never heard the word fart. I had to tell him what it was. Even then, he kept calling it a “tart gun.” Seven years old and doesn’t know the word fart? My conservative, proper self is so proud. My not-so-conservative, less-than-proper self really wants the fart gun.
  • I learned my oldest son is ready for the big kid rides on the boardwalk. He doesn’t even have to pause at the “you have to be this tall” indicator because he towers above it. Step on up, right this way, he’s there!
  • Going to the Dollar Tree and buying pool noodles and then cutting them up and throwing them in the bathtub is super fun. And way cheaper than the ball pit balls we’ve bought in the past.
  • In related news, there’s no Instagram filter that’s going to make your fifty year old bath tub look clean. Gotta just crop it.
  • Remember the days before the Internet when we wrote research papers using different sizes of index cards we carried around in huge ziplock baggies? How detailed our teachers were about what to put at the top of each card and how they had to be organized? Well, I still write that way. I have each chapter of the book we’re working on outlined on cards and color-coded. Quotes, verses, ideas, and research all over my desk. Mrs. Smith would be so proud.
  • I adore Pennsylvania in June. I’m sure I relearn this each June, but this month I really took time to notice and enjoy it all—picking cherries, catching lighting bugs, eating outside on the picnic table, watering the garden.

Thanks June, for being so fun! There’s not a day in July we don’t already have something scheduled, so I’m sure I’ll learn a lot next month too. Head over to Emily’s blog to read what others have learned in June.

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