essentially ingredients for an amazing July -

July is full of summer school, VBS, theater camp, redoing our homestudy, sports camp, registering for homeschooling, editing, special events with our autism support group, and finishing up our book. We are excited and ready for all the fun! Here are my essential ingredients to make this July amazing: (there are a few affiliate links included)

  • Oceans, a song by Hillsong United from their Zion album – it’s encouraging and challenging. I listen to it every day. 
  • Happy Hour slushes from Sonic – any time we leave the house James asks for one.
  • My paper calendar and Sharpie pens – I know most people keep their calendars on their phones, but I’m still a pen and paper girl.
  • Lee’s grill – I love when he cooks outside and I don’t have to heat up the kitchen. Also, it’s a great way to meet the neighbors! They show up with the smoke drifts over.
  • Lemonade – 2 cups of sugar dissolved in boiling water, two cups of lemon juice, add water up to a gallon. Add pureed strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries. On really hot days, we make popsicles with the lemonade!
  • Gmail app on my phone – in June I was mostly off-line, but in July, I’ll be emailing a ton as I communicate with the people who will make our book happen.
  • Honeysuckle candles – my favorite scent (Yankee used to make one, but now Bath and Body Works does)
  • Loose leaf almond cookie tea from a local tea shop – James heads back to summer school a few days a week, so I’ll have more control over my morning routine. I will definitely add tea time back.
  • Feedly – since Google Reader is no more, I’ve been using Feedly on my phone to read blogs. Love it!
  • Tattler canning lids – I have lots of canning jars this year and don’t have to buy any, so I’m going to invest in these reusable lids. Bring on the pickles!
  • Library books – for the time I’ll be waiting in the car to pick up the boys from all their activities and at the doctor’s office when we get our physicals and blood tests done for the homestudy.

What are your essential ingredients for fun this month?

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