husband's love languageI think my husband’s love language is road trips. I know it’s not one of the big 5, but I’m sure it falls somewhere in the categories (maybe a quality/words of affirmation combo?).

Road trips, even short ones, are the perfect opportunity for quality conversation. Even when the boys are with us, they are contained in their car seats and entertained by toys or electronics, so Lee and I can focus on each other.

I can tell when we need one. When it’s been one of those days we haven’t really connected. Even when we try to talk, one of us hops up to check on James or answer a question for David in the middle of our conversation. So, I come up with some excuse for a ride. Maybe I need a book that’s down at his office or I forgot to lay out any thing for dinner. We hop in and head out, and I settle into my seat ready to listen to whatever is on his mind.

Last week we road tripped all the way to Philadelphia. It was hours and hours of quality time/words of affirmation, with no boys in the back seat. We even added some walks together, which are just as good as road trips.

august philly

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