I’m so thankful for those of you who took time to answer my reader survey earlier in the year. With all the changes coming for me in 2019, I wanted to make sure what I was doing was helpful to you!


Here are the results:

More than 50% of the readers who responded connected with me for the first time this year! I’ve been blogging 2005, so it’s interesting to me that there are so many new people. Welcome!

Those who responded are very connected to my writing. Close to 70% follow me on social media, and subscribe to the blog, and read my posts here and on Not Alone/Key Ministry. 61% are in a Facebook group I run. Thank you for all your support!

Social media-wise, 99% follow me on Facebook, 33% on Instagram, and 10% on Twitter.

My third book came out a couple months ago, but 39% of readers haven’t read any of them. That’s exciting news because it means I can keep talking about them, reminding you how helpful they could be to you. (37% have read Unexpected Blessings, 34% have read Held, and 17% have read Speechless.)

Of the five resources I offered last year, the most popular was Praying for Our Children with Special Needs. That was a lot of fun for me, so I’m glad you liked it too!

I asked what other sites you read and got some great suggestions for ones I hadn’t heard of before. You also shared your favorite books for special-needs parents.

I was encouraged to see that 79% of you attend church! Although just 30% of those churches have a special-needs ministry. I’m glad so many churches are accommodating, but hope more are proactive about reaching families like ours.

Here are the top five topics you’d like me to write more about, in order of popularity:

  1. Challenges we face as a family
  2. Support for siblings
  3. Family updates (general)
  4. Special-needs ministry
  5. Theology and Bible-focused topics

And the top three resources you’d like to see me focus on in 2019:

  1. Encouragement to find joy
  2. Spiritual encouragement
  3. Support for managing daily life

Thanks again for helping me get to know you better! I’m excited about 2019 and all that we’ll see God do in our families this year!



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