I know we aren’t supposed to play favorites, but I’m 99% sure 2018 was one of my favorite years ever. The boys are growing and maturing (allowing us to do new things together), our church feels like family and our town feels like home, and God blessed my writing and speaking ministry in new and exciting ways, allowing me to meet and serve even more special-needs families!

This year you joined me for 14 days of praying for your marriage, Type A Help for Your Plan B Life, Inclusion Fusion Live in Cleveland, 30 days of praying for our kids with special-needs, Wonderfully Made in Overland Park, KS, launching Unexpected Blessings: The Joys and Possibilities of Life in a Special-Needs Family, and 5 Keys to a Calm Christmas. Over 2,000 people joined my Facebook groups for Strengthening Your Special-Needs Family, Self-Care for the Special-Needs Mom, and going through Held together in April. And of course many of you were active on the site I edit for, Key Ministry and their blogs for families, Key for Families and Not Alone on Patheos. I’m so thankful your familiar faces show up wherever I’m invited to write or speak!

After such a busy 2018, I feel God is calling me to step back from the busyness and really focus on His priorities for me in 2019. That includes Lee and the boys of course and my family and church family. But that also brings some changes professionally.

I am sad to share that my time as the executive editor and social media manager for Key Ministry is over. I took over those duties from Mike Woods almost six years ago, when we were Not Alone. And for the last three years we’ve been a part of Key Ministry. It’s been a huge blessing to me, but also a huge time commitment. Going forward, I’m excited to be a part of the writing team but not leading it.

This job change brings ministry and financial changes to our family. My salary helped sustain us when we were church planting and this year helped us meet some big financial goals like paying off debt and traveling to speak at conferences. But I’m trusting God will continue to make a way to accomplish what He calls me to do. And part of my trust in Him is trusting that He will use many of you.

I’m inviting you to join me on Patreon in 2019.

The needs of my family are changing. So are the needs of my audience (you guys!). Patreon gives us the opportunity to change and grow together. With your financial support, I’ll be able to create custom content for families like ours—those who want to strengthen their marriages, support the typical siblings in their homes, get connected to others on this journey, and look toward the future with joy instead of fear.

On Patreon, you’ll have the opportunity to partner with me by pledging $5, $10, or $75 a month. In return, I have levels of rewards set up for each supporter. Donating $5 or $10 may feel like you’re buying me a cup of coffee or taking me out to lunch, but it’s so much more! Your support gives me the opportunity to reach special-needs families with the hope of the gospel. Lee and I see them as an unreached people group and see ourselves as missionaries called to serve them! I couldn’t do it without you! 

Thank you for your support in 2018, and I’m looking forward to continuing our journey together in 2019. You are truly an unexpected blessing in my life!

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