During this pandemic time, caregivers have been stretched like never before. And if your family is like mine, you’re finding your spouse and typical children are getting less time and attention because the family member you’re a caregiver for requires so much more. That’s why I’m excited to have Jolene Philo join me on the podcast today to talk about her book, Sharing Love Abundantly in Special-Needs Families based on the 5 love languages. Knowing and speaking each other’s love languages is the easiest and best way to make everyone in our families feel as loved as possible. In this chat, Jolene will help you figure out the love languages of your family members and give creative ways to speak their language.

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Quotes from Today’s Episode:

“We have to figure out what our love language is and what the love languages are of the people we love, and then we need to speak their languages to them and they need to speak our language to us so we feel loved.”

“You can be intentional about the time you have together and craft that time to be the things you know will speak to him most clearly, so he’ll get a big hit of love and be able to better handle the time he doesn’t get that attention. ”

“The value and the beauty of the love languages is they’re easy—it doesn’t have to be expensive because we don’t have much time or much money. It really doesn’t have to take a whole lot of extra effort.”

Love languages are the “easiest and best way to make every one feel as loved as possible.”

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