taking over

They say it takes 21 days to solidify a new habit. Well, it’s January 23 and I don’t have any new habits formed. I’ve only achieved my ideal day a couple times.

Last week Lee was down at SEBTS for a week of doctorate classes. David and I did a J-term unit study on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (Complete with a Bulgarian recipe. That’s not easy to find, folks.) James had a little oral surgery on Wednesday that went well but wasn’t fun. We got a pink letter from USCIS, which meant we were denied. Which meant Lee had to scoot out of class a few times to help me get it all worked out. (Which may also mean traveling in May is a long shot, but we’re still praying.) This week was MLK day followed by two snow days. That’s lots of together time.

We’re eating dinner together. We’re reading together. We’re going to bed early. We’re having dance parties in the kitchen. We’re leaving messes until tomorrow. The boys are using my desk to draw comic books and race cars.

I’m not getting much work done, but I am getting life done.

There will eventually be an end to these snow days, these slow days. Meetings, math drills, and email management can’t wait forever. And I’m looking forward to normal again. But today, I’m going sledding.

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