January has been a full month. Mostly full of snow. And days out of school. And finalizing adoption paperwork. It’s been so full, I’m joining up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky to share what we’ve learned. She’s currently in Uganda with Compassion, so you’ll want to be sure and click over to read what she’s learning there.


  • I learned how many extra steps you have to take to get to the office we often frequent at our state capitol when you park on the wrong side of the building. (Most of the paperwork for our China adoption has to be state certified, not just notarized like Ethiopia (the program we were in before).) All the parking spots had meters and I only had two quarters (which would have gotten me just 20 minutes of  parking). I drove around until I found a spot on a side rode and a parking attendant happened to be walking by and said he wouldn’t ticket me because the snow made the parking spot lines too hard to see and he “just couldn’t be sure which spot” I was parked in. I set a record on my Fit Bit that day with all the extra walking! (affiliate link)
  • I also learned the difference between “capitol” and “capital.” Your capitol building is in your state capital.
  • I learned what Bulgarians like to eat. David and I did a J-term homeschool unit on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. We made food from the countries the Tri-Wizard champions were from: England, France, and Bulgaria. One of the books we checked out from the library had a recipe for potato patties with feta and dill. They were pretty good, but our French chocolate croissants and our British butterbeer at Starbucks were better.
  • Even with all the days out of school and delays, James is doing great getting back in the school groove. So well, his teacher said she is not going to recommend him for the extended summer session. I’m a little bummed because he loves school and it’s going to be a looooong summer if he asks to go everyday and I have to say no everyday, but we’ll keep busy. His second favorite place to go is the “chocolate factory” in Hershey, so I’m sure we’ll make a few trips there.
  • I learned the basics of video editing and created an intro to go along with our Bible study for special-needs parents, Held. You can check it out on our Held page. David wants to do his own webshow, so it looks like we’ll be learning more video editing together.
  • In China, it’s not called the Chinese New Year, it’s called the Lunar New Year, and this is the year of the horse. We pray our little guy is having fun celebrating and can’t wait to celebrate next year, the year of the sheep, with him home with us!

What have you learned so far in 2014?

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