September grooveWe’re finishing up week three of school and I still feel like I haven’t gotten into a groove yet. Some things happen at the same time every day (like James heading off to school), but most of our routine hasn’t really fallen into place yet.

I really like to operate on auto-pilot when possible. I like knowing at 9:00 every morning this will happen and every Wednesday at 1:00 we’ll do that. But I’ve been really good at talking myself out of what ever is supposed to happen and talking myself into something else. Oh, let’s just wait until this afternoon for math. And the laundry will still be there tomorrow. And all the blog post ideas I had at 8:00 am seem to have disappeared when I sit down to write at 8:00 pm, so I might as well read a book.

In my defense, I don’t think we’ve had a full normal week yet. Labor Day got us off. And we had two dear church members pass away last week and had two funerals. And I had deadlines for our upcoming book. And James had to go in for an x-ray last week. And we’re having to update adoption paperwork (again).

Maybe I’m not the only one feeling grooveless. We hired a company to do some major yard work. They said it would take one day (Monday) and as I type this (on Friday) I can hear chainsaws and crashing branches out my window. I can’t blame them. A couple days this week it was over 90 degrees and another day it rained. Weather is always a good excuse to deviate from the plan. (Hormones are also a good excuse, but I don’t think this group can get away with that one).

Here’s hoping I’ll get my groove back next week. I’ll write out lesson plans, a menu plan, and a to-do list. I’ll leave room for a Sonic run for slushes and time to finish reading my book before library day. (See, I’ll have a library day. The day we go to the library. Same day every week, auto-pilot style). Hopefully my days will feel more routine and less chaotic.

Have you found your almost-fall groove yet? What helps you focus during times of transition?
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