The Associated Press reported a study carried out in a South Asian community from 1992-2001: The average suicide rate for women 10-19 years old was 148 per 100,000, while globally, the suicide rate is about 6.8 per 100,000That’s over 21 times the global rate.  Among young to middle-age women in some regions of India, the suicide rate is 10 times that of the world’s average.  Poisoning (36.6%), hanging (32.1%) and self-immolation or setting oneself on fire (7.9%) were the common methods used to commit suicide.

suicide in India

Raji opened her eyes with disappointment as the dark reality set in: Somehow she had survived her latest suicide attempt—and her family would never forgive her for it.  She had made many attempts on her life before. Like a cat with nine lives, though, Raji always managed to raise her mutilated body from the grave. With this latest failure, her family would only despise her more, but what could she do when even death wouldn’t take her?

You can read more about Raji’s story and how God used Gospel for Asia to bring about change in her life at the Gospel for Asia site. You can change lives around the world by sharing the blessings God has given you.

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