lee gone

Lee has been out of town all week. He does this a couple times a year for two reasons: to take classes for his doctorate and to remind me how much I need him.

The fact that I need him is my first thought when I wake up (way earlier than usual because he does the morning shift around here) and the dishes from dinner (and maybe lunch and breakfast) the day before are still in the sink. It’s my last thought when I climb into bed and his side is covered in clean laundry I just pushed over instead of folding. It’s hard being the only one around to listen to all of David’s stories and meet all of James’s needs.

I can’t wait to hear about his classes and tell him the new words James is saying and the new words David can read. Can’t wait to cook a real meal for him and throw all his dirty laundry in the wash. Even after ten years (or maybe especially after ten years), life is just more fun with him.

Tomorrow morning when we wake up, James will call for Daddy and Daddy will answer him. David will set up the Wii for two players. And I will probably sleep through it all. Life will be normal again.

Does your husband travel often? What do you miss most about him when he’s gone?
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