Last weekend we had a couple over and we were talking about our new church. The husband looked at my husband and asked, “What do you mean when you say your church will be ‘special-needs friendly’?”

It’s a good question. Last summer my family and I packed up everything we owned and moved from rural PA to the fastest growing suburb of Houston, TX. Our goal is to plant a church—a special-needs friendly church.

We’ve been talking about it nonstop to anyone who will listen (or join our launch team, or make a donation, or pray for us!). But that question made us pause. Had the phrase become like Christianese? Do we say it so often we forget it’s a concept some people have never thought about before?

What do we mean when we say our church is special-needs friendly?

I’m sure ministry leaders from across the country would give slightly different answers (and I’m eager to hear your thoughts in the comments!), but here’s what we mean when we say the new church we are planting is going to be special-needs friendly.

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