We’re in week three of summer break so far, and having lots of fun! This is the first summer James hasn’t had summer school, therapy, or church activities to keep him busy (those would all be on my Plan A!). We have found plenty to do though!


He went to a camp put on by Easter Seals and had lots of fun! He’s still asking for “cam, cam” each morning when he wakes up.


We found a snow cone stand in a neighboring town and are trying as many flavors as we can.


Bowling is always on James’s summer time list! Even though we aren’t going every week like we did in PA, we did find a place that has a dinosaur ramp like he’s used to using (the place we went also had laser tag and mini golf, so David and Lee had lots of fun too!).


He’s spending lots of time in our pool in the back yard.


We got some temporary hair dye and everyone went pink for a day. James was pink for longer than a day since his hair is so thin and the dye was on his scalp for much longer!


We spent one day last week at the beach, but saw a report this week that an alligator was found on the same beach! Since I can’t swim, we don’t go to the beach without Lee or without wearing lifejackets. We’ll be sure to stay close to the boys when we go again.

What have you been up to this summer?

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