I’m a special-needs sibling raising a special-needs sibling, and I want to help you raise the special-needs siblings in your home with confidence and love.

It’s the topic I get more questions about than any other. Parents want to know if they are doing a good job when it comes to raising their typical children. Do they feel neglected? Am I putting too much pressure on them? What kind of relationship will they have in the future?

Your typical children can experience the unexpected blessings of being a special-needs sibling as you help them realize and appreciate those blessings! Check out my helpful resources below: 

First, there’s a 14-day prayer series I did for the typical siblings in our families. Each day I shared emails that included:

  • a focus verse
  • a prayer based on the focus verse
  • a short devotional
  • a discussion question or activity you can do together based on your child’s current stage of development

Each email is linked here so you can start the series whenever it’s convenient for you!

Posts I’ve written about special-needs siblings:

Podcast interviews:


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